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The music score was written by Philip Sainton. Set in 19th-century New Englandthe story follows the whaling ship Pequod and its crew. Leading them is Captain Ahabwho was almost killed in an encounter with the "great white whale", Moby Dick, which bit off much of his left leg.

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Quite often, simple things that occur in the real world can become incredible technical problems for visual effects artists attempting to digitally recreate or adapt those occurrences for film. One such gremlin is liquid simulation. Previouslywe looked at how Gradient Effects used the Exocortex Technologies Slipstream tool to create the memory pool in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, a sequence that required mimicking the effect of ink dispersing in water -- in large volume and high detail.

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All the tank work was done on what was a new water tank built at Associated British Pictures studio in Elstree. That tank had a 60' high painted sky backing. There were problems filming on it because of neighboring trees that blocked sunlight.

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Post a Comment. Monday, February 20, Moby Dick By John Huston was developing a taste for risk-taking in his movie projects. A young man named Ishmael Richard Basehart signs on to the whaling ship Pequod in

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It is a realistic account of of a whaling voyage with asymbolic account of the conflict between man and his fate [1]. Ahab searches for the whale halfway round the world, sworn to kill it to avenge his lost leg. The two meet in the end, Moby Dick is harpooned by Ahab, but in the last sound of the dying whale the harpoon line catches round Ahab and drags him down with the whale [2].

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In reality, sperm whales - like the one made famous in Herman Melville's epic novel - have an asymmetrical head about half the length of their body with a nostril on just one side, a tadpolelike tail and teeth on only the lower jaw. So the object of Captain Ahab's obsession in the four-hour miniseries - airing Sunday and Monday at 8 p. That is, a rounded head that tapers gently into a fluke tail.

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Inyoung Ishmael signs up for service abroad the Pequod, a whaler sailing out of New Bedford. The ship is under the command of Captain Ahab, a strict disciplinarian who exhorts his men to find Moby Dick, the great white whale. Ahab lost his his leg to that creature and is desperate for revenge.

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It tells the story of Captain Ahab and his quest for revenge against the great white whale that destroyed his ship and bit off his leg. The dramatic allegory of good and evil? Special effects "It's a tremendous adventure story. It's got real human drama," says Heggie.


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