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Meet Michelle Thomas. She was sent a horrible message by a man she went on a Tinder date with last week - but instead of letting the experience destroy her self esteem, she turned it into an opportunity to call out sexist body-shaming and encourage women to celebrate their looks. She wasn't bothered about seeing him again, and neither was her date - but instead of cutting it off like an adult, her date decided to let Michelle know in a rambling message the next day that it was because she was too fat to fancy.

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Ever notice extra fat deposits on your outer thighs? Are your jeans fitting a little too tight? You, like many others, may have saddlebags.

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Is That Thing Real? Buttocks augmentation: It started in Latin America, crept into Hollywood, invaded social media, and now you even see it at the gym. We're talking about fake butts here: implants, fat injections, and other things that'll downright horrify you. Some of the women sporting these big booties eventually admit it, but most of them lie and say it's all hard work and squats.

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Q: erika, have u ever heard the rumor that u can tell whether a girl is growing up too fast if her booty is big? You know how muscles and muscle growth works, right? To engage your muscles means to use them and, essentially, challenge them.

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Not necessarily. In fact, the body type that a man finds attractive can change depending on his environment and circumstances, a new study finds: when under stressfor instance, men prefer heavier women. The researchers suggest also that underlying biological mechanisms, such as blood sugar and hormone levels, are major players in how we perceive our surroundings.

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Folks online were, understandably less than inspired. Which is good for him. Skip the Instagram.

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Thank God I rarely get this question, being slim and all, but I feel for the girls that do. I am so sick and tired of people coming up with the dumbest ideas and this is one of them, especially when we have such amazing inventions like Google in this day and age. This question is not only embarrassing and an invasion of privacy of the askee one of my newest words; please bear with mebut it is scientifically and biologically unsound. And as a Biochemistry major, I take pride in research and the distribution of reliable information.

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Please leave empty:. Your so skinny! You're a beautifull curvy girl!

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June 19, pm Updated June 20, am. U guys r so sweet n supportive nd I'm so thankful that y'all drag any trolls that try 2 make me feel bad ab myself, so thank u. The f—k lmaoooo.


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