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A fish and chip shop in Yorkshire in the North of England has become so popular with Chinese tourists that the ownership has announced plans to open a branch in Chengdu, Sichuan province. Located near Bilbrough on the main highway from London to the historic city of York, Scotts Fish and Chips has long been a popular pit stop for hungry British motorists. But two unrelated events in transformed this Yorkshire chip shop into a must-visit destination for Chinese tourists as well.

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While common carp have quietly taken over much of the world, a related group of species known as Asian carp have been stirring up some major concern in the Midwestern United States in recent years. While the group of fish known collectively as Asian carp features seven species introduced to the United States, the two of utmost concern are bighead Hypophthalmichthys nobilis and silver carp Hypothalmichthys molitrix. However, flooding events helped the fish find their way into open water, and bighead carp can now be found in 23 states, while silver carp can be found in 17 states.

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Brazilian and German scientists have completed a collaborative project to sequence and analyze the whole genome of Arapaima gigasa giant freshwater fish known in Brazil as pirarucu and elsewhere as arapaima or paiche. Its growth rate is the fastest among known freshwater fish species. Its natural distribution covers most of the Amazon River basin in Peru and Brazil.

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The totoaba fish are highly sought after for their alleged health benefits in treating circulatory and skin problems and are believed by some to hold aphrodisiac properties. InMexican federal environment agency Profepa revealed the commodity was worth more than cocaine in the country, with one kilo of bladder selling for the same as 1. In an attempt to stamp out the practice, the Mexican military scours the 5,square mile stretch of Californian Gulf several times a day looking for poachers.

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There are no more than 30 vaquita — a five-foot porpoise — left in the northern Gulf of California today and they could be extinct within months, conservationists have warned. The population has been all but eradicated by pirate fishermen catching the large totoaba fish and killing the vaquita in the process. The totoaba, which is itself highly endangered, is caught for its swim bladders which are smuggled to China for sale on the black market.

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The barramundi Lates calcarifer or Asian sea bassis a species of catadromous fish in the family Latidae of the order Perciformes. The fish is known as pla kapong in Thai and as bhetki in Bengali. Barramundi is a loanword from an Australian Aboriginal language of the Rockhampton area in Queensland [1] meaning "large-scaled river fish".

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This collection presents two of her solo works, along with two collaborations. Please contact info vdb. Tags: feminismgenderlgbtqsexuality. Tags: feminismlgbtq.

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Please refresh the page and retry. But fish and chips has a whole load of new fans, with Chinese tourists loving it so much that a North Yorkshire chippy is partnering with a Chinese company to open a branch in Chengdu, capital of the province of Sichuan. So what is it that makes this national institution so appealing to people from the other side of the world?

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The bulbous Kobudai fish in Japan is able to change sex when it reaches a certain age and weight — sequence director Rachel Butler reveals how they captured this peculiar behaviour. By James Gill. Females, once they reach a certain age, are able to change sex. Sequence director Rachel Butler explains how they filmed this remarkable transformation — and why it happens….


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