Vintage 1970s stranger danger book

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Voyage into the planet's past and future with Robert Macfarlane, return to Gilead in Margaret Atwood's explosive follow-up to The Handmaid's Tale and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the dystopian classic Nineteen Eighty-Four. These are the books and literary moments to look out for in How can the story of an imaginary pig and a kindly barrista help solve any problem?

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Strangers we were warned, are scary people who drive around in cars and offer you a ride home. They entice you with candy and puppies and linger around playgrounds and ice cream trucks. Bad strangers are sinister men who lurk in dark movie theatres not wealthy men who live in opulent mansions and own private jets.

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Miss Jaster's Garden. Wednesday, August 5, Dr. Seuss has a new book out ya'll!

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Mars, our closest neighbour, the red planet, has always loomed large in the human imagination. Its bloody colour prompted ancient people to associate it with the God of War. And then, late in the 19th century, the Italian astronomer, Giovani Schiaparelli, noticed lines on the surface of the planet which he called grooves or "canali".

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My 6-year-old daughter has recently been asking me a lot about strangers and what she should do if approached by one. The other day, both she and my 4-year-old were asked by a woman how old they were while we all rode an elevator together. Sounds easy, right?

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I count myself very lucky having grown up in the 70s and 80s. However, some kids saw the farmyard as an obstacle-course of adventure, so this half hour film was commissioned, and shown in schools, to put paid to this dangerous behaviour. Narrator Danny introduces us to his trespassing friends whilst referring back, throughout the film, to a party his parents are preparing for.

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But then, the company's "green light all the things" strategy struck unexpected gold with an '80s adventure homage set in fictitious, rural Indiana. Further Reading Staffsource: Ars staffers share their favorite books to get lost in this summer. A few years can really make all the difference.

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This last August, as I watched Hurricane Harvey intensify on my TV screen, the 50 inches of rain in Houston breaking national records, I stayed clear of the Book of Revelation and Oswald and instead hunkered down in safe-haven Austin reading McMurtry. Throughout the s and early s McMurtry — Rice University graduate student, professor and bookseller — creatively used Houston as a fictional backdrop. As McMurtry intimated, the very sprawl of Houston, the only major American city without formal zoning regulations, is its own worst enemy.

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Speculative fiction is the literature of change and discovery. But every now and then, a book comes along that changes the rules of science fiction and fantasy for everybody. Certain great books inspire scores of authors to create something new.

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Patricia Highsmith was a master of macabre scenarios and the grand dame of the psychological thriller. Over the course of five novels, beginning with The Talented Mr. Ripleyshe built a character who was both completely without a conscious and yet unnervingly sympathetic. The Talented Mr.


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